Cosmic Birthday


It’s been almost six months since he passed. In that time, I’ve gotten a lot of advice and support and new friendships and I’ve even shed old skins.

Our society doesn’t like death. It makes us nervous and anxious and since we don’t know how to ‘solve’ It, we walk away from funerals thinking we need to move on. But for me, healing is different than just moving on. Growing is harder than trying to forget, but the reward comes in honoring my loss by changing my life. I tired myself endlessly trying to grieve like I thought I should. Instead, I chose to be softer and kinder and more aware, in honor of my brother and his whole life, not just his death. His death is proving to be a great teacher to me, but his life was too.

Today is my brother’s birthday. It always has been and It always will be.

And because we have to find the joy though the pain (and there is so, so much joy in this life) here is a picture of Jake dressed as a root vegetable 🍠

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