Trusting the Process of Life

I was down at the Green Belt last Spring and I remember being in love with the tiny little tadpoles that had just been born. They were so fragile and courageous. I was in the water with them and worried I would hurt the thousands that surrounded my feet. It struck me as a little sad how many might die in their attempt to make it to land and how scary it must be to trust the process of life enough to emerge from the water and ‘breathe’. Breathing may come second nature to humans, but these tiny creatures have gills in the beginning and then must learn to breath on their own. I think of suffocation, drowning, and asphyxiation as some of the scarier options for death, so trusting this process would be difficult for me.

But that’s the snag – as humans, we often don’t trust the process of life. We fight it most of the way to be more honest, and we often learn after the fact, that indeed, life had a much larger plan. I think that’s considered being your own worst enemy, but in a more positive light, it’s a learning process. When confronted with a difficult situation, when I sit back and say to myself “the Universe has a plan for me and will protect me along the way. I may never know why this is happening, but it is and I will embrace it in every light”, I always find that the situation works itself out and was a lot less tricky for my emotions! Why do we fight every step of the way? When did humans quit trusting the process of life and believing in any power larger than themselves?

I went back to the Green Belt just two weeks after I saw the little tadpoles and I was curious to see their progress. And a little nervous, I must admit. Chris leaned down and grabbed something to show me. In his hand was the tiniest baby frog I have ever seen and it brought tears to my eyes. I was so comforted to see the Universe taking care of these guys and the courage one little frog could have. Meanwhile, I noticed these baby frogs everywhere and I was dumb struck with the obviousness of the situation. On a grand scale, imagine what your life could be like if you flowed with the process rather than resisted it? Life is ever moving forward, with or without me. Instead of fearing this inevitability, I choose to accept it with faith. I don’t live by the philosophy “I think, therefore I am”. I prefer “I feel, therefore I am” and that connects me to every living creature on this Earth.

Do frogs think? I have no idea, but I can tell you from my experience, they certainly ARE. They taught me one of the most important lessons in my life – to trust the process, to have faith in the Divine, and to quit holding my breath for a “safe” moment – just breathe and LET IT GO. They have no hesitation when they leave the comfort of the water, they just KNOW that it is safe. If humans had half the faith a tiny frog has, we would be uninhibited and free. Free to live, to feel, to evolve, to emanate light without fear….

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